Helium 10 – Jungle Scout Alternative

Helium 10 – Jungle Scout Alternative

Helium 10 was founded around the same time as Jungle Scout and both companies look to serve the Amazon Seller – whether you do FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

★★★ ADDED BONUS! ★★★
It works with selling on Walmart too!


If you sell on Walmart.com, then you really want Helium 10! It works with both Amazon and Walmart.

7 Top Helium 10 Features

1 Helium 10 will help you find your niche. Use Helium 10’s Product Finder to research the Amazon catalog and find the perfect products to sell.

2 Keyword Research is included! You don’t need to buy a monthly subscription to a different tool to do research on the keywords you need to get your product to rank high in Amazon’s search results.

3 Helium 10 has Adtomic – an AI-powered Ad Platform that maximizes your ROI and saves you valuable time. It includes all the PPC tools to get your business to the next level. Adtomic is the expert you have been looking for to maximize your bids and improve profitability when selling on Amazon.

4 Create Custom Landing Pages to maximize conversions. Whether you are driving traffic from your website, social media, or other sources, you can funnel buyers to your product page with an easy-to-build, conversion-optimized landing page. Helium 10 will help you get your customers to make repeat purchases with its email opt-in, thank you pages, and more.

5 Marketing Tracker – use this feature to spy on your competitors. See what they are doing, see the health of your niche so you can anticipate changes and keep profits going.

6 Training for Newbies and for Experts. Aside from Helium 10 Acadamy, you have access to the following Ultimate Guides

  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Advertising & Marketing – PPC and sponsored ad best practices
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Business Maintenance – know how to keep your business running using Helium 10 Inventory Management and other modules
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Listing Optimization – ensure your listings rank for the keywords you are targeting
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Keyword Research – if you aren’t doing keyword research, then your products aren’t going to sell. Find the high volume search words to increase your traffic
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Launches – this guide is a roadmap so you don’t miss a critical step when launching your products. Misses can be expensive. Helium 10 can help you be more successful
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Research – stay ahead of the competition with these sourcing strategies to help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Ultimate Guide To Amazon Shipping & Logistics – keep your shipping costs down proven strategies in dealing with Amazon. Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla and can be rough to deal with for shipping and handling. Learn these tips to stay ahead

7 Weekly podcasts from experts. Don’t go it alone. Join in and learn from others. Benefit from the experience of others (after all, the cheapest experience is someone else’s!).