Top 7 Reasons to use Live Chat on your website

7 Reasons for Live Chat on Your Website

Good customer service improves sales and increases conversions that make a website visitor a customer. You need an advantage over your competition that improves customer engagement and reduces cost. Provide Support Live Chat for Websites does this for you at a reasonable cost. Do you have multiple websites? Well, you’re going to love this! You can pay for ONE account and set it up on all your websites at NO additional cost.

  1. Increase sales – Customers are 3 times more likely to make a purchase
  2. Reduce expenses – one person can handle multiple chats (even from different websites) and use live and canned responses. You can’t do this with a phone call.
  3. Improve customer service and loyalty – chat is more convenient for the customer
  4. Discover customer pain points and resolve their problems quicker
  5. Competitive advantages, especially if your competitors don’t have live chat. Quick answers get customers buying your product and not someone else’s.
  6. Proactive outreach – your agents can start a chat with a person on your site and ask them if they need help.
  7. Reports and analytics (important because data drives decisions)
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Businesses that need Live Chat

Real Estate Agents

A real estate brokerage website is a GREAT use of Live Chat. Real estate agents can respond instantly to a potential customer from their mobile or computer. Residential or commercial real estate agents can benefit from this easy way to engage a buyer or seller. Chat is so much better than email or phone. A real estate agent with Live Chat responding quickly from their mobile device will make more sales.

Travel Agency

The travel industry is facing tough times in the COVID/post-COVID world, don’t miss out on a potential customer. While chatting with a potential traveler, you can use canned responses to advertise your latest offers. A travel agent with Live Chat will increase sales.


Be there when your customer needs help. Do they need guidance on which product to purchase? It’s proven that Live Chat improves conversions, which means sales, which means money in your pocket! An e-commerce site with Live Chat is required today.

Software Companies

Agents at a software company can instantly engage a customer with this chat support service and guide the person to a download page, offer guidance on installing, setting up a demo meeting, or schedule a call with sales. Get 5 times the conversion rate!


For banks, investment services, and other financial institutions, your agents are there when your customers need help. Does a customer need help to add or transfer funds? Assistance with a transaction? Help eliminate customer frustration and build loyalty with live chat software.

Human Resources (HR)

Speed up the recruitment process by chatting with candidates. You’ll get more candidates completing the application process if they’ve had help via chat. HR can guide an applicant to the correct job position/job offering. Connect the candidate with the right people by transferring a chat to the correct person.

Provide Support Third Party Integration

Provide Support’s Live Chat for Websites supports the following integrations to improve your customer service and to increase conversions and sales.

Integrating Live Chat with the following third-party tools is typically very easy with only a couple of steps.