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Selling on Amazon? You need this Amazon selling tool for Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM. JungleScout overview video for a peek at all the JungleScout features. This is the best Amazon product research tool that is focused on Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout was started by Greg Mercer in 2015 and is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout’s focus is on making life easier for Amazon sellers and is generally considered the best amazon product research tool and Amazon best sellers tools. It excels in product research on Amazon, has Amazon listing software built-in, and is an FBA multi-tool, with Amazon analytics, Amazon pricing tool, track Amazon sales, and more.

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For Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant Sellers

Jungle Scout helps find products to sell on Amazon with its Amazon FBA product search and Amazon FBM product search.

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Before you try or buy Jungle Scout to manage your Amazon FBA or FBM account, get an inside peek at all the main features.

Use JungleScout if you are an FBA or FBM expert. You’ll agree it’s the best Amazon product research tool, and much more. Beyond repriceit and other selling tools, Jungle Scout is a great Amazon business seller program. Track your Amazon sales with ease.

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https://www.wholesalecentral.com/ (wholesalers, distributors, importers, and manufacturers)

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Table of Contents

🕐 Jungle Scout Overview Table of contents
00:00 Welcome to Jungle Scout Inside Peek
00:37 Amazon Sales Estimator
01:15 Listing Grader –
01:38 Product Database
02:26 Product Tracker
02:58 Opportunity Finder – find products to sell on Amazon, what to sell on Amazon
04:22 Category Trend
04:52 Supplier Database – Source Your Product with Jungle Scout
05:12 Supplier Tracker
05:22 Keyword Scout
06:02 Keyword Lists
06:22 Listing Builder – here is the Amazon listing software module
06:42 Rank Tracker
07:02 Email Campaigns
07:22 Promotions
07:52 Review Automation
08:12 Profit Overview
08:32 Profit and Loss Statement
09:02 Other transactions outside of Amazon
09:42 Inventory Manager – easy to track your Amazon sales
09:49 Product Settings
10:08 Product Costs
10:17 Jungle Scout Academy – Tutorials, Selling Advice, Research, Shipping
10:36 Jungle Scout Browser Extension
10:57 Jungle Scout Market for Amazon Freelancers – freelance services
11:12 Resource Center – Help Center, Trainings, Webinars, Get Started Checklist
11:40 Profile Settings and Alerts
12:03 Alert Settings
12:20 Jungle Scout MFA / 2FA – 2-step verification for login
12:34 Wrap Up and get the Jungle Scout Risk-free Trial Version