Provide Support Live Chat

Provide Support Live Chat Overview and Tutorial – Chat Across Multiple Websites with ONE Console

Provide Support Live Chat for Websites Customer Support Software Overview and Tutorial. This video is an overview of the user interface so you can see the options and the look and feel of the application before downloading and installing. This video is a good primer for website owners or their support personnel to review and learn about all options in the operator console user interface.


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🕐 Table of contents

  • 00:00 Welcome to Provide Support Live Chat Overview Tutorial
  • 00:34 Favorite things about Provide Support Live Chat
  • 02:15 Beginning of user interview overview
  • 02:16 Chat
  • 03:56 Team
  • 04:40 Visitors
  • 05:40 Location
  • 05:53 Events
  • 06:10 Main Menu | Settings | Light/Dark | Logout icons
  • 06:40 Help Menu
  • 08:14 Tools Menu
  • 10:18 View Menu
  • 11:35 File Menu
  • 12:03 Wrap Up and next steps