Simple, reliable way to add Provide Support Live Chat to Email Signature

Simple way to add Provide Support Live Chat to Email Signature


Live Chat for Websites Customer Support Software – the simple way to add Live Chat link to your email signature. No need to edit HTML. This will show you how to add an icon to your Live Chat link in your signature. You will learn how to add clickable link in Outlook signature.

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A better way to create a Provide Support ( ) Live Chat button in your email signature that will display properly and not show up as a graphic that didn’t get downloaded. This method is FAR easier than the process of adding Provide Support’s graphic button that requires editing HTML in a hidden folder.

This video shows you how to create an email signature with Provide Support’s Live Chat link. You can follow these instructions and paste the emoji, text, and hyperlink into any email program or service.

You want your email signatures to appear correctly and completely. This method ensures it with no missing graphics, no issues with causing your email to be tagged as potential spam.

There is an optional step at the end of the video where I show you how to create a redirect using John Godley’s WordPress Redirection plugin so that the link will have your domain name in it and not

🕐 Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
00:08 What you will be able to do after watching the video
00:24 Why do you need to add the chat button this way
00:55 Open Microsoft Outlook | File | Options | Mail | Signatures
01:21 Go to
01:44 Create signature
03:11 Test by creating a new email
03:30 Optional – create redirect
04:48 Outro – remember to Like and Subscribe!

✍ Script

Let’s add a Provide Support Live Chat link with chat emoji to your email signature. Remember, these steps can be used with other email services too.

Open Outlook and click on File, Options, Mail then click the Signature button

Click on add new or edit an existing signature

If you added a new signature, give it a name

Now let’s go to and get the icon we’re going to use.

Search for speech balloon emoji 💬

Click on the Speech balloon

Click the Copy button so it copies it into your clipboard

We’re going to increase the font size to 20 and then paste the emoji into the signature box

Change the font size back to 12 and type in “If you have questions, we are available 24/7”

Go to your Provide Support admin console | My Account | Chat button Codes and click on Chat Button or Link For Emails (direct link is above) to review the text email link. Click on the copy Chat Button Code to Clipboard

Go back to Outlook, highlight Click here to chat and press CTRL K to add the hyperlink to the address textbox, and press OK

For new messages and replies, you can select this signature. I like to always include the signature as it makes it easier for the email recipient to find your information and/or links

Click OK to close the Signature window and click Ok to close the Options window.

Let’s test… click New Mail

And there it is! A signature with a speech bubble and not an image that may or may not load because of user settings or internet connectivity.